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    Hi there,

    The company I work for is getting to the size where RIS is actually work using now (~70 people).

    Went to use RIS for the first time today, everything is setup correctly in legacy mode (i.e. RIS).

    On a box standard machine it works flawlessly, however on laptops with OEM drivers it doesn’t, informing me that no network drivers are avaliable despite the fact i’ve put them in my $oem$ folder. Here’s some info:

    Template content (well, the useful bit):

    OemPreinstall = Yes
    FileSystem = LeaveAlone
    ExtendOEMPartition = 0
    TargetPath = WINDOWS
    OemSkipEula = yes
    LegacyNIC = 1
    DriverSigningPolicy = Ignore
    OemPnpDriversPath = Drivers

    I then have the following structure:


    Inside which the drivers are stored. However that doesn’t work. If I put the drivers directly in the i386 folder, it doees which I persume negates the fact that i’m using incorrect drivers?

    I thought OemPreInstall would make windows look in $oem$1Drivers and subdirectories for drivers prior to install?

    Am I missing something here? or is there likely something more serious afoot? Event log does show:

    An error occurred during the parsing of an INF file netclass.inf in the given section Manufacturer.

    There is a Microsoft support article relating to that (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/823658) but the hotfixx isn’t applicable to Windows 2k3 SP2. Well, it’s not available for it anyway :|

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