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    Due to a new Software, I need to merge 3 different domains (same company) into a new big AD in a life environment (no or at least as less as possible time-out, loss…etc.)

    The existing domains are as follow:
    3 2003r2 servers + 2 coming soon (print server 2k3 and dpm on 2008 )
    -AD/DNS/DHCP on the 1st
    -File server* + AD replica on the second
    -Exchange 2003* + AD Replica on the third
    ->Exchange users are in a separate OU, as not all AD users have an Exchange account.

    1 2k3 r2

    1 2k3 r2

    *the File server and Exchange on city.domain.com are accessed through shares and Outlook 2010 from some users in city2 and city3

    Now I would like to merge the city-city2 and city3 into ONE AD. This could be a new domain (let’s say country.domain.com or whatever), or (but probably not that a good idea) into one of the existing one.

    As I’m the only IT to manage the whole sh…system, I would like a trick to avoid me travel through the 3 cities to join the PCs into the new domain…

    How should I best go for it? Any good advise?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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