W2K users log on wrong DC

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    All of my users logs on the wrong DC (the backup one) I know the concept on PDC and BDC do not exist anymore in W2K. But here is the case…

    ServerA = DC/AD, Exchange 2000, DNS, WINS ans DHCP
    ServerB = DC/AD, Backup software
    ServerC = member server (File/Print)

    We have installed the ServerB as DC/AD backup and run the backup software on it. This serveur is turning slow something due to the high Disk/Tape access.

    All users are authenfying on the ServerB all the time and it should be on ServerA. When backups run the uses are not able to log on the domain due to slow response of ServerB.

    I did verify the Browser and the 3 servers are Master Browser.

    Ran NetDiag and DSdiag and everything looks fine!



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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