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    Hi. I have setup many VPN servers using Server 2003 as the RRAS without any problems. But now Server 2008 has turned up I am having a small issue.

    The user can connect to the VPN and all appears OK. However no mapped drives on the machine will work. What I found was that the VPN client was unable to Ping the VPN server unless you type the FQDN. (i.e cannot ping SERVER, but can ping SERVER.COMPANY.LOCAL)

    If I do an ipconfig while connected I notice that the Connection-specific DNS Suffix entry is not there (on my working server 2003 VPN server it has the correct entry)

    At the moment I can get around this by manually adding it into the VPN connection options, but I’d rather find why it is doing this.

    The VPN server is separate to the DC,DNS and DHCP which all live oin another server.

    Hope someone can help.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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