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    James Haynes

    im having a little issue… (more or less confusion)

    i have an instance of SQL running on a virtual 2003 R2. right now, the setup is pretty basic. i needed to set it up, and now im onto the tuning of the memory. a light test was alright, but as soon as i got a decent group of test users, the performance went to hell…

    the x64 instance is running fine, as SQL 64 does a good job at manipulating the memory… the x86 instance is proving to become a problem.

    my question focuses on the boot.ini switches normally used to tune an instance of SQL (the userva=xxx switch; the /PAE switch; and /3gb switch)

    so are these still aplicable in a virtual? im confused because of the ballon driver functionality… the virtual has had 4 gigs of memory dedicated, but it can use up to 8 gigs (the max my blades support)… when the OS needs it, it becomes available…

    so i have added the “userva=2966” tot eh boot.ini file, but i dont know if it has had any impact yet…

    will adding the /PAE switch to the .ini hose anything? right now i am 99.999% sure that i havent tuned the memory correctly and that is why my performance is crap… but im not sure how to implement these switches in a virtual environmet…

    am i making sense? i admit that SQL is not my strong suit, and SQL 2005 is even more foriegn.

    do any of you guys have any advice and/or knowledge on how a virtual handles the boot.ini switches?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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