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    After Running TCP Optimizer to Tweak my Connection. This Is What I get about the Rwin.

    RWIN is not fully optimized (even though it is a comparatively large number). The unscaled RWIN value is lower than it should be. Also, RWIN being close to and above 65535 does not justify the header overhead of enabling TCP 1323 Options. You might want to use one of the recommended RWIN values below.

    « TCP Analyzer Results »
    Tested on: 09.19.2007 12:23
    IP address:

    TCP options string: 020405b40103030201010402
    MSS: 1460
    MTU: 1500
    TCP Window: 65700 (multiple of MSS)
    RWIN Scaling: 2
    Unscaled RWIN : 16425
    Reccomended RWINs: 64240, 128480, 256960, 513920
    BDP limit (200ms): 2628kbps (329KBytes/s)
    BDP limit (500ms): 1051kbps (131KBytes/s)
    MTU Discovery: ON
    TTL: 49
    Timestamps: OFF
    SACKs: ON
    IP ToS: 00000000 (0)

    Any Ideas would be great, Hell I’m Stumped. LOL And I’ve been googleing alot on this. Dos not seem to hurt anything on this setup. Just a Lot more bandwith.

    Thanks Gent’s and or Ladies

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