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    We recently purchased some 3par storage and I did some migrations which were a lot slower than I had anticipated.

    Cloning a 150Gb server took about 25 minutes which translates to about 1Gb transfer, which sounds like it was not using VAAI but just using the hosts (which are connected to the SAN using 1Gb connections right now), the 3par has a 12Gb backplane.

    I read that 3par doesnt require a plugin, but uses the native T10 plugin. I am not sure if this plugin should show up in my vaai plugins or not, i dont see it there if it should…any help on getting VAAI to work on my SAN would be greatly appreciated

    I am using ESXi 6

    [root] ls | grep vaaip

    Running this command i see that Attached filter is blank..

    [root] esxcli storage core device list
    Display Name: 3PARdata iSCSI Disk (naa.60002ac000000000000000020001dc25)
    Has Settable Display Name: true
    Size: 15728640
    Device Type: Direct-Access
    Multipath Plugin: NMP
    Devfs Path: /vmfs/devices/disks/naa.60002ac000000000000000020001dc25
    Vendor: 3PARdata
    Model: VV
    Revision: 3224
    SCSI Level: 6
    Is Pseudo: false
    Status: on
    Is RDM Capable: true
    Is Local: false
    Is Removable: false
    Is SSD: false
    Is VVOL PE: false
    Is Offline: false
    Is Perennially Reserved: false
    Queue Full Sample Size: 0
    Queue Full Threshold: 0
    Thin Provisioning Status: yes
    Attached Filters:
    VAAI Status: supported

    Other UIDs: vml.020000000060002ac000000000000000020001dc255656 20202020
    Is Shared Clusterwide: true
    Is Local SAS Device: false
    Is SAS: false
    Is USB: false
    Is Boot USB Device: false
    Is Boot Device: false
    Device Max Queue Depth: 128
    No of outstanding IOs with competing worlds: 32
    Drive Type: unknown
    RAID Level: unknown
    Number of Physical Drives: unknown
    Protection Enabled: false
    PI Activated: false
    PI Type: 0
    PI Protection Mask: NO PROTECTION
    Supported Guard Types: NO GUARD SUPPORT
    DIX Enabled: false
    Emulated DIX/DIF Enabled: false

    [root] esxcli storage core plugin list
    Plugin name Plugin class

    VAAI_FILTER Filter
    NMP MP

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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