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    Hello good citizens,
    I am reaching out because we are having an issue with one user. I have searched and endlessly, and found many similar issues, but nothing seems to match our situation, nor have I been able to find a solution.
    The problem occurred, when we tried to delegate mailboxes to a user. We have multiple companies and wanted to test it out, because we thought it would be a harmless test and would improve our setup. We regretfully tested it on his live accounts, and now we can’t get his accounts to work in outlook correctly.
    There is an endless prompt for his password. Oddly, when the prompt comes up, it is not linking with active directory. There is no “More options” and there is no domain listed. If we try a different email that is working – it pops up properly, and it immediately takes the credentials. Same on multiple computers.
    Furthermore, no matter how many times we attempt, his account does not lock, which further leads me to believe his email account is not properly talking to active directory. He can log in through OWA and also his phone flawlessly.
    Our setup – We have 3 companies, for the purpose of explanation, this user has [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected].
    His domain login is linked to his [email protected] Active directory account. We usually add all three accounts into outlook using all separate users from active directory. We simply created another user User1_c2 and User1_c3 for the 2nd and 3rd company.
    We went into the ECP admin console and went to edit [email protected] and [email protected] – and added [email protected] in the FULL ACCESS of the delegation page.
    It didn’t do what we had hoped, so we quickly tried to revert – simply remove that user1 from the delegation, hoping it would go back to normal. It did not. After a day or two of research and attempts at fixing his, all while he uses the OWA to get by, we decided the best course of action would be to back up his data, delete his users all together, and recreate them.
    This user is part of the IT dept, and was perfectly fine with this solution. We went forward with that. The issue continued.
    We went another step forward. We deleted his users, and then created all new users for him with a different name. let’s say it’s now in active directory we now have the user as EMPLOYEE, EMPLOYEE_C2, and EMPLOYEE_C3. Then we created the mailbox that matched his old email addresses. The issue is still occurring. Furthermore, a couple of our internal users are getting bounce backs when trying to send him emails. I can’t seem to pinpoint that issue either.
    I am wondering if there is a way to further clear out his email. We can delete his account and recreate it again, but the problem seems to stick with his email. If we create a new user with new email, there is no problem at all.
    Any advice or ideas are welcome! Please help ?

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