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    Our users (including myself) cannot see email that is being received from “outside”of my domain. You cannot see the message from Outlook and/or OWA. However, I can send and receive mail “within” my domain without any problems whatsoever. I can also send email outside my domain and people are getting my messages. When they reply to the message, or even send new messages to any of my users, I can watch the traffic go through the firewall and I can see it being delivered to my back-end exchange server – and to make matters worse, the mailbox count in ESM “total items” increments with each new message. When I look at my server queues everything has a green circle with a check box in it – so nothing is hanging either.

    I have a Windows 2003 domain (with a couple of DC’s) and a back-end Exchange 2003 server. I removed the front-end exchange server from the network to narrow down the problem. I also removed the antivirus software for fear that it was filtering messages and not giving them to me. I even thought that maybe it was an Outlook (2003) issue so I started using OWA but that didn’t help either. So needless to say, I have absolutely no idea what is causing this. It’s seems like any number of things could be hosed (i.e., active directory, exchange (IIS and/or ESM permission), DNS or all of the above). It’s almost as if users only have enough permissions to see/read messages from within their domain but do not have the proper access/permissions to see email items that arrive from outside their domain.

    It’s like a two sided exchange server and I’m only allowed to view the messages in my inbox that came from within my domain. I have a bunch of various error messages from event viewer that I’ll list below, which I’m still reviewing.

    So here you go:
    1024 – MSExchangeIS Public St
    2103 – MSExchangeDSAccess
    8252 – MSExchangeAL
    8213 – MSExchangeFBPublish
    1005 – MSExchangeSA
    2104 – MSExchangeDSAccess
    1022 – MSExchangeIS Mailbox
    9548 – MSExchangeIS
    326 – MSExchange Transport

    Thanks in advance to an exchange guru that is sharp enough to fix this issue!


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