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    Deploying SP versions is greatly simplified by tools such as AutoInstaller. But how can monthly updates (which now include CUs) be installed from WSUS without logging into the server? I’ve got a script assembled from various sources which works flawlessly as a scheduled task on all my servers except SP farm servers. In order to run either the script or just the WSUS process, I have to be logged in interactively to the affected servers. My script suspends and disables the search and user profile sync services as needed, and restarts the server when any of several reg keys are set for it. But each month the Sharepoint farm updates fail, and show as ‘failed’ in the WSUS console the next morning. I’m fully aware of the need to re-run the Conf Wizard following updates, but the idea is to run the farm updates in the wee hours without human involvement, so that running of the Wizard and the restart needed (if any) can take place as early as possible the next morning.

    I have not found a single resource on-line which answers this one question. Ideas?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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