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    To probably show what a terrible state the ancient overhead phone lines are here in Hastings UK, though I have now been connected to so called fast fibre of up to 38 Mbps arranged by EE, the initial speed is only about 19 Mbps. Yet the magic green WI-FI box is only about 200 yards away. Never being involved in downloading in such as massive albums of heavy Rock music , DVDs, playing games, or watching TV online the 38 Mbps package is ample fast enough even at 19 Mbps. In fact the only reason I eventually succumbed to fibre is as seems to be happening to others, the speed of my standard broadband dropped from over 3 Mbps to just under 2 Mbps for some strange reason.

    EE advise me to leave the new router below powered on all the time for 10 days, though I see no increase in speed so far after 24 hours. Is there any evidence in general the speeds do tend to increase if the router is left powered on all the time for say 10 days?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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