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    Ok, a weird question.
    I’m looking at something for a subcontracted client. It looks like my client has taken over support for the end-user at some point. However, the back up continued to be managed by the previous provider so my client (to my knowledge) hasn’t been doing any maintenance or management of this. It looks like this has ceased being provided somewhere along the lines – I’ve got no access to any of it and nothing tells me it’s been backed up in >30 days

    They are in the middle of an exchange migration – circular logging has been enabled on the new server, and all the mailboxes were migrated.
    On the old server, the datastore is still in place, and I’ve got txn logs as far back as February.

    The CEO of the end-client beleives he has lost a “mobile-2” number from a contact and wants it recovered.

    So, could I make a COPY of the datastore on the original server, set it up as an RSG, then roll forward transaction logs to a point in time before the CEO’s mailbox is migrated, then grab the number from the contact?

    I’m suspercting this course of action would not meet my desired outcome, and would make a bigger mess.

    any other thoughts on ways I could do this?

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