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    Hi, I hope you can help please.

    I am chasing a bit of advice on active directory and the tombstone life.

    Here is some background.

    There is only one server (SBS 2003) on the network (domain controller) and the data and system state is backed up every day.

    I have a backup server that holds a successfully restored image of the actual server. I image the actual server, then restore the image to the spare and store it away from the office. This is so that in the event of a disaster I can plug in the spare, do any necessary updates to Windows etc and away we go.

    I wasnt aware of AD tombstone life as i’m a bit of a novice (It’s not my job, I do it as extra as I’m the only one in the office who knows any IT).

    I now know the default tombstone life is 60 days so what would happen if I didnt need to use the spare for say 12 months and then need to use it?

    Should I be shutting the actual server down and connecting the spare every 59 days to ensure the life doesnt expire? If so, how long does it need to be connected for to avert the tombstone life expiring?

    At the moment (although I may be confused) I’m thinking I need to either ensure I have an image less than 60 days old or ensure that the system state can be restored effectively (even if the image is older than 60 days).

    I am also trying to work out how to increase the life to 180 days as if I need to keep creating new images 60 days is too short a span.

    Please can anyone advise on my best course of action or help me out on my ‘what if’ questions’.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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