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    I am having an issue connecting to a Windows 2003 server using telnet. When the machine is rebooted telnet works fine. However after a period of time a few hours maybe, suddenly nobody can connect. The telnet service is used so admin users can connect to run batch files (basically our helpdesk department).

    My only suspicion is that maybe they are not exiting telnet correctly once they have finished and just click the X button to close the CMD window and this is leaving processes open.

    I have tried connecting using the name of the machine, the IP address and as local host but all of these will give me the following error.

    Connection to host lost

    I have tried restarting the telnet service but no luck.

    Here are my settings


    The following are the settings on localhost

    Alt Key Mapped to ‘CTRL+A’ : YES
    Idle session timeout : 1 hours
    Max connections : 5
    Telnet port : 23
    Max failed login attempts : 3
    End tasks on disconnect : YES
    Mode of Operation : Console
    Authentication Mechanism : NTLM, Password
    Default Domain : MACHINE_NAME
    State : Running

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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