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System Error 5 has occured

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  • MarkC

    Hello folks,

    Maybe you can give me some advice here…Im a consultant who has been retained by a small company – after they discharged their admin. The former admin will not disclose the Admin PW for a server that is running in a workgroup – See how smart this guy was…he configured a workgroup and named it “Domain” then he told the customer they had a “Domain” – Sheesh!

    I used the parallel OS method- renamed the cmd.exe to logon.scr – just like the docs say to do….and the prompt comes up great after the 15 minute time out…However, when I enter the command – net user administrator 123456 – I get an access error – “System 5 Error has occurred. Access is denied.”

    I used the net user command to display all the accounts on the system and tried running the commands on those – None of the users here have ever used these accounts so none of them have any clue that there are any passwords anywhere….even the default guest account is reporting the same error –

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated! (not including taking the former admin out to the woodshed – that one has already been suggested by the users here)



    I forgot to mention…this is a Win2k pro system set up for use as a file server – I know its not really a server at all, but heck this “Domain” isnt even a domain – I really hate the snake oil salesmen in this business. They make the rest of us look really bad.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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