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    Hey everyone, I searched but couldn’t find a similar topic.

    I just recently took over a large operation so I may have a bunch of questions. Here is the first:

    I am managing a SQL server (which is a VM hosted by VMWare ESX4 if that matters). It’s SQL Server 2005. The SQL Server is running about 25 databases. About a week ago, I decided to allocate more memory to the SQL Server, and bumped it up to 8GB. Everything was working fine and I had alerts set up to let me know if anything was amiss. Today, all of a sudden, the physical memory on the server was at 90% full, as was the page file, and I started getting alerts like crazy. I restarted SQL services from services.msc and immediately it dropped back down to 0 and started over. Now, about an hour later, it’s steadily climbing and it’s at 600MB memory usage from 115MB when it restarted. I see it climbing up and up. I did some research and saw that a) it is normal for SQL server to do this (but the thing it this never happened before) and b) I can set a max memory usage of the DB container. I checked and the max memory usage is set to 2147483647 MB.

    So the question is, is it ok for SQL server to be running at crazy high memory usage, or should I decrease the max memory usage? And if I decrease, what should I decrease it to? And if I decrease, won’t that affect the responsiveness of the server?

    Again, I’m new to the whole thing. I appreciate any responses forthcoming.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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