SQL Agent starts then stops

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    I have a SQL Server 2008 SP1 installation. Everything was working until I changed the password of the user that starts SQL Server and SQL Agent.

    This is my SQLAgent.out file.

    2011-08-10 10:47:45 – ! [000] Unable to connect to server ‘(local)’; SQLServerAgent cannot start
    2011-08-10 10:47:45 – ! [298] SQLServer Error: 160, Specified driver could not be loaded due to system error 193: (SQL Server Native Client 10.0, c:WindowsSysWOW64sqlncli10.dll). [SQLSTATE IM003]
    2011-08-10 10:47:45 – ! [382] Logon to server ‘(local)’ failed (DisableAgentXPs)
    2011-08-10 10:47:45 – ? [098] SQLServerAgent terminated (normally)

    The same user that starts SQL Server(MSSQLSERVER) which works with no issue.

    Fails starting SQL Server Agent (MSSQLSERVER).

    All the protocols look good. Named PIPES is first.

    I am lost.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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