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    I found this great page on Pagefile info:
    Very helpful, thank you!

    There are a few settings I am not too sure about. I did some searching on the forums but I did not find the specific answer(s) I am looking for. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Quotes from the above link are in italics.

    “Move the pagefile off the disk that holds your system and boot partitions to another fast and dedicated hard disk. If you do put the file elsewhere, you should leave a small amount on C: – an initial size of 2MB with a Maximum of 50 is suitable – so it can be used in emergency. Without this, the system is inclined to ignore the settings and either have no page file at all (and complain) or make a very large one indeed on the C: drive.”

    1) Drive d: is the new secondary hard drive:
    So does this mean that I should have drive c: and drive d: both have custom Paging file sizes? What is stopping my operating system (Win XP Home) from using the one already on c: and not improving performance at all? Or is the above quote referring to just leaving actual space on my harddrive and not filling it up to 100%, thus, have no page file on c:, only on d:

    2) Dedicated threw me off. I would like to use the 2nd drive d: for storage of music, photos etc. Will this effect the performance of Pagefile if the second drive is used for storage of data files or will the best performance come from having nothing at all on this drive except for the Pagefile Info? Will creating 2 partitions on the second drive avoid this alltogether?

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