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    First let me explain my setup.

    I have a server acting as the domain controller. On this server it has a partitioned disk for Public folders and a partition for “home” folders and “profiles” that have been redirected via GPO.

    Also I have two terminal servers and as stated above I have the users RDP session folders redirected to the AD above.

    I now have two windows hardware servers in DFS config, I have created namespaces for the home and profile folders. I made the change in the Active Directory GPO> folder redirection to point to the new DFS namespace.

    When a user logs in for the first time their folders are automatically copied from the AD to the DFS namespace, including the AppData folder.

    This is where the problem is; The shortcuts on the desktop and in the start menu appear as they should for the user. But when the user double clicks them they are present with the following message:

    “We can’t verify who created this file are you sure you want to open this file?”

    Why am I getting this and how can I fix it?

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