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    We have a DIR-655 router that is currently set up with a radius server on our sbs 2003 server. This allows laptops that are part of the domain to connect to the domain wirelessly. I have also set up a guest zone for non-domain members to access the internet, but not our domain. As such, everything works the way it is supposed to.

    We have a second ISP connection in case the primary one goes down. Currently, if we need to switch it, I do it manually. We are looking at adding a VOIP system that would have extra bandwidth for data. In preparation, we got a netgear FVS-336G Dual WAN router. This will allow us to use both of our current connections, and when we install the phone system, also use both connections.

    I copied all of the port forwardings from the DLink to the netgear, changed the D-Link IP address to a vacant address, set the Netgear IP to the original router address, and connected a dlink LAN to a netgear LAN. I was able to connect from the LAN to the internet, send an email outside of our domain, and connect wirelessly to the guest zone. But I was not able to connect to the domain wirelessly. I created a service “RADIUS” on the netgear pointing port 1812 to the server (that is the port that the Radius server uses), but no luck. So I set it up the way it was originally.

    This is probably not related, but I will mention it just in case – although I was able to send an email outside, it turned out that while the netgear was online, no outside emails came in.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions,

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