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    I have 5 users all stand alone with internet acces. I want to set up a server and have a network where I can control the users and computers.

    I bought windows server 2008 standard and win 7 pro on workstations..
    One question is to set up the server for the ip configuration in the network adapter I have my ip set to 192.168.249 where the router is….subnet is and the gateway is with the dns primary

    I also put on the desktops in there settings in there network configs i check there primary dns the ip of the server so the user can get to the internet… is this a good model to set it up this way?

    Also what is the home directory under profile tab and how is it use to map drives?

    As for the last answer about the home directory…The drive mapping was already established as this but I am confused about it…as follows:

    Through GPO (group policy objects I guess?)

    O: is the office share

    V: is the dbev share used for the software my users use

    Through AD

    HOme directory under profile tabbed is U:

    all of the above mapped drives reside on the data partition E:

    I need help as to the best and easiest way to get this running smoothly I think I could do better. Please all advice is helpful….
    Please give me feed back….

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