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    First poster here! Please dont get angries with me :)

    I have a client computer that was disconnected from the domain from the Domain Controller. The computer’s account was reset. Easy enough to go into the computer using a local account and disjoin/rejoin to the domain, however it seems no-one remembers the password to the local account.

    The data that is stored on the local machine’s hard drive is important so we are trying to recover it. I’ve tried to go into Manage My Computer on the Domain Controller (using an administrator login of course) and Connect to another computer, but that just gives me a security error. I can ping the client, so I know its being seen. This obviously means that I cannot log in with a domain admin account due to it not being on the domain.

    Any thoughts on how I can either 1) Unlock the local user account, or 2) Disjoin/rejoin it to the network so I can log in with a domain admin account, or 3) Somehow bypass the login part using some hacker whatever to retrieve the data. I can re-image the machine later if it breaks or whatever. I just reeeally want that data.

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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