Server 2003 Repair

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    Server 2003 repair, it gets to installing network and hangs at 32 minutes. Research the topic and find that it potentially could be the multiple NIC’s and I need to disable the other, un-used, integrated NIC. I bounce the server, go into setup and disable it through the BIOS.

    Reboot, the setup picks back up and I get a request to install an unsigned driver. I click Yes and the system moves to the 32 minute mark then reboots itself.

    It’s now stuck in this perpetual reboot. I’ve looked at Microsoft’s site and the log file that they’re telling me to find isn’t there, which it wouldn’t be because that log, pnplog.txt is only for hardware failures.

    Anyway, I need this box up and running but I can’t figure out how to get past the networking reboot. I’m thinking I may try disabling all the integrated NIC’s because at this point, I’m spinning my wheels.

    Any ideas?

    By the way, there are no errors that I can find and nothing pops up to give me a solid starting ground for this.

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