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    I need to setup a Server with 2 80GB harddrives using Software Raid.

    Please let me know what the best solution would be for partitioning and Page File.

    2 GB memory

    Here are my ideas,

    10 GB System – Mirror
    48 GB Data – Mirror
    6 GB Swap – Simple on 2nd drive
    16GB Unallocated

    Would it be dumb to create a 6 GB Swap partition on 2nd drive because the mirro will write to both drievs anyway ?

    Other idea

    10 GB System – Simple
    96 GB Data – Raid 0
    6 GB Swap – Simple 2nd drive
    16 GB unallocated

    What ideas do you guys have, this will be for a High performance server with large data.

    Please post your thoughts.

    Yes there will be a backup solution in place also.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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