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    Getting this alert about Exchange from SCOM –

    Subject: Alert: SSL is not configured on this Exchange server Priority: 1 Severity: 2 Resolution state: New

    As far as I know SSL is configured on the server, atleast for OWA. There is only one server so no frontend/backend scenario. I have a cert installed and the exchange directory is set to use SSL in directory security of IIS.

    Is this completely unrelated to OWA?

    A question that I have now that I’ve looked at this is how when I type in the url to get to OWA does it add the https? I am not complaining just not sure where there is coming from. If I use http it puts the s in automatically whereas other places I’ve been you would get a warning that ssl is required. Where is this setting controlled? I do not have SSL enabled on the default web site in IIS just on the exchange directory beneath it.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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