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    I am new to sbs2003 and have a question regarding RWW and the web certificate. Our company has several users that want to access their desktops and mail remotely. Internet access is currently set up with the web server set as the IP address on the web certificate page. So that the remote users don’t have to enter to access the server, I have set up a redirect on the companies web site to redirect to https:/ This works fine. However, when the log on they are presented with the bad certificate message. My understanding is, without a valid certificate, they don’t get a secure connection. If this is not true, then we really don’t care if we have a certificate or not since the only ones accessing the site, trust the site. If this is true, I want to install a self issued certificate so we get a secure connection. The current certificate has expired so my question is, if I create a new certificate, what should I name it. Should I call it the ip address, as it is currently defined or should I call it, something else, or does it even matter what I call it. I ask this because we currently get 2 warnings. One says certificate is expired, the other says the certificate name is different. Want to correct both of these problems. Any help would be great.

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