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    I have two frontends.

    when i use my outlook profile to point to asia.owa.com the RPC-over-http
    works just fine. When I use emea it doesn’t. I compared every little thing
    and both are identical.

    asia IIS logs show …… BE:6002 200 0 0
    emea IIS logs show ….. BE:593 200 0 0 (same BE exchange server).

    Wondering why emea always trying 593 port, but not asia.

    Also rpcping to asia is successful but rpcping to emea is “exception 1722”.
    Ironically https://emea.owa.com works fine, but rpc-http.

    I have a seperate GC, seperate BE and seperate FE which is rpc proxy server.
    I dont use ISA.

    Can someone help?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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