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    I want to allow the helpdesk to restart the print spooler service on every file server.
    Thought that this would easily accomplished by using group policy. Applied a GPO on the file servers OU where I adjusted the spooler in where the helpdesk can start, stop and restart the spooler service.

    However when i try to restart the service as a member of the helpdesk i get access denied. I tried trough the GUI (Services.msc) and the commandline using “sc \servername stop spooler”.

    Browsing the internet show examples using subinacl, but i do not see the point of using this tool as the GPO should have set the permissions correctly. When i run a GPresult on the server i see that the policy is applied.

    what am i missing here?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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