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    I have two Exchange 2010 servers All-in-One.

    I have migrated all mailboxes from one to the second.

    I have replicate all Public Folders to the second.

    1. Outlooks still see in the server to connect the first server instead of the second, but if I am creating the profile from screech it is pointing to the second (but I don’t want to do that for all users).
    When server is down all Outlooks client are not connecting.

    2. Somehow email that are coming to Mail enable public folder are coming thru the firs server public folder (when I am dismounting first server public folder all mails are staying in first server queue).

    3. When removing first server from send connector all mails are stack in queue of the first server (all mails are routing somehow thru the first server).

    I appreciate your helping in one or all my issues.
    Thanks in advanced,

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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