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    I saw this post but I’m not sure it would apply to me:
    www petri co il/forums/showthread.php?t=52183&highlight=remove+exchange+sbs+2000

    Here is the situation.
    We have a very old DC on our network (most all the servers and
    applications were installed and configured long before I arrived)
    running Windows 2000 SBS with Exchange.
    Their has been a Windows 2003 Ent server that has been promoted to DC
    and has ALL roles now.
    There is also a Windows 2003 machine with Exchange 2003 Ent running
    that contains all of our mailboxes now too, and seems to run without
    On the SBS 2000 machine all Exchange services have been stopped for
    quite a while – about a year.
    In the Exchange System Manager on the Exchange 2k3 box in the
    ‘Servers’ section there are both servers listed – SBSmail (old SBS exchange store) and the new one – MAIL01(Exchange 2k3).
    We wish to completely remove the old SBS machine from the network; including the references and settings for the Exchange installed there too.
    There is no Exchange 2000 listed in the Add/Remove Programs
    BUT there is a Microsoft Small Business Server 2000 listed. When I
    clicked on Change/Remove I was prompted for the installation CD.
    I provided the one that came with the server MS SBS2000 (Key matches installed Key on SBS) and none of the 4 CDs were recognized as ‘correct’.
    How can we go about removing the Exchange Server from the organization
    without messing up something in AD or the Exchange settings.
    I may be over thinking this and I hope I am.
    Can I just remove the Server from the Exchange System manager without any ill effects?
    Once I can get this old server removed I’ll install Exchange 2k7 or 2010 on a new Win2008R2 machine and then migrate the remaining Exchange 2003 server out.
    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. I am trying to get this
    organization back into the 21st century and hopefully into this

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