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Recover Data

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    Hi ,

    We are using windows 7 professional and install Microsoft virtual xp mode in it. It is creating 2 files .vhd and .vmc file in its data directory. Now one of my pc’s hard drive is crashed but we are able to restore those 2 files from that pc.

    Now i have install OS windows 7 and install microsoft virtual xp mode and put those old files in the same location but its not showing the data inside. I tried to convert that vhd file using vmware converter and boot that virtual machine but still not showing any data inside. I tried to right click and map it in windows 8 system but still not showinng my data which was there in microsoft xp mode. I even try to import using Hyper V but was allowing me in hyper v. So can anyone tell me how to recover the data from that vhd and vmc file. Is there any other way ..

    please help me..


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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