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    I am in need of help. SBS2008 was working just beautiful. Our website is currently with godaddy, email comes straight to our server. Well long story short someone decided to run the wizard for domain, entered our info for godaddy and the whole server changed. I restored from the windows backup for the day before. I have changed the settings for dns at godaddy back. I have checked my dns records in SBS, i deleted the send and receive connectors and recreated them. I have double and tripple checked everything. I have run multiple tools to check everything from outside and everything looks right, yet still not receiving mail from outside. Internal mail works fine, also sending mail works fine. I know i’m prob overlooking something really stupid and will hit myself later. But help is needed! Please! Domain is KDFSI.COM. Ty TY in advance.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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