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    Mike Groves

    I have been experimenting with disaster recovery of a clustered 2003 exchange server. The scenario is the server has been destroyed and there are no public folder replicas on other servers but active directory is still available or has been restored at the DR site.

    Happily I’ve found a very effective method to quickly relocate all user accounts and mailboxes from the failed server to a new server be that a cluster or single node using to re home the users active directory info and mail store info.

    That part works like a dream and results in an empty but fully functional mailbox with all proxy addresses and security intact in a very short time. Far far quicker than attempting to rebuild the cluster and restore the database from tape.

    However I’ve hit a road block in that I’ve not been able to re home the public folder structure, its permissions and proxy addresses. So far I’ve tried exporting the public folders with Ontrack powercontols and exporting to the new server that almost works but does not preserve the detail of mail enabled folders and client permissions.

    What I am looking for perhaps is a means to export the structure, permissions and email details for the public folder tree. I don’t care that the folders are empty

    I can restore the historical mail data latter on I just want a functional system which can receive mail and be viewed by users.

    The public folder structure is fairly large making manual recreation a big efforts but is for the most part its un changing so a periodic export of the structure for recreation elsewhere is a practical option if do able.

    Any ideas

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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