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    Looking for some help with this one. Its more of an annoyance then a problem.
    Im Using Microsoft Outlook 2003 SP2 Client to connect to my Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 SP2 over the internet with RPC over HTTPS. It works, but its takes about 2 minutes to establish the connection. I know why, but I cant seem to fix it.

    Watching the RPCDIAG (start, run, outlook /rpcdiag) brings up the connection status, where I can see Outlook try to connect first via TCP/IP as if it was on a LAN. After a minute, it times out then tries HTTPS, which connects after another minute or so.

    I specifically set the Outlook profile to be CHECKED in these two boxes:
    On fast networks, connect using HTTP…
    On slow networks, connect using HTTP…
    Authentication is set as Basic, not NTLM. SSL is forced and uses my own certificate authority.

    Outlook doesnt seem to care that these are checked and tried TCP/IP first.

    Other info:
    Server – Sitting in the Time Warner CO on a Tier1 dedicated T1, new IBM server 226 dual proc, 2.5 gig ram, running Windows 2003 Server std. edition with SP1, running Exchange 2003 server std. sp2.

    My connection – Time Warner Road Runner, 10 megabit down, 1 megabit up using latest P4 Laptop running XP SP2.

    Its not a slow network issue.

    Any help is appreciated…

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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