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    I’m using the printmig (3.1) application in order to backup all of the printers in our printer cluster. The backup takes place every week with a script.

    In the pm.log of the printmig I see “2007:10:06 17:00:41 243 print queues enumerated”, which is the exact number of printers that we have.

    I took the CAB file and used the restore option in the lab, in the pm.log I see “2007:10:08 15:29:01 172 print queues enumerated”, so I have 71 printers missing…

    The printer cluster name in the lab is different than the one in the production environment, but as far as I know it does not matter since the printmig application is for migrations of this kind.

    There are no errors during the backup or the restore.
    there are no warnings of any kind in the Event Viewer or any err logs anywhere.

    Both of the servers are 2003 stn.

    Where are the lost 71 printers???

    Anyone has a clue? :grin:


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