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    We are looking at a way to allow users to have access to a folder based on the time of day.

    Normally we have a fairly comprehensive list of software that is restricted (via hash in the GPO) but we have quite a few people who stay late currently (waiting for buses, partners to collect them etc) and we are looking at allowing them to use certain software outside of work hours i.e. Solitaire.

    We are looking at possibly sharing a folder with a modified executeable (to avoid the hashing GPO) but would like to restrict access to that folder to say 6pm -> Midnight.

    I understand we would need to set the NTFS permissions up so that the users permission is effectively only Traverse Folder / Execute File to prevent them copying the file to their desktop and playing whenever they want.

    Is this possible or should I look at another approach?

    Many thanks

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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