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    I have a ~160GB disk. It’s a basic disk, with a 40GB system/boot/active partition, type primary.
    It had a 93GB extended partition, with a logical particion and no real data.
    I deleted the logical partition and that’s fine and good.
    my intent is to expand the Primary partition to make it 130GB (or there abouts.)

    However, rather than totally destroying a partition table when I’ve got no OOB access, I thought I’d check quickly.


    Partition 1 OEM 39 MB 31 KB
    Partition 2 Primary 3072 MB 40 MB
    Partition 3 Primary 40 GB 3112 MB
    Partition 0 Extended 93 GB 43 GB

    there’s no data in the extended partition, I only care about the data in Partition 3, seeing as it’s boot/system/ etc.

    If I understand it correctly, then Partition0 is offset from the start of the disk by 43GB – which roughly correlates to the total size of partitions 1-3.

    So it’s ok to delete it. ?

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