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    We are transitioning from a single server exchange 2003 to 2010. Before install, I created my legacy DNS name, set it up both internally and externally for DNS. We use a wildcard cert that has already been applied to the 2003 server. We have a large contingency of users who use OWA so an extended outage was not going to be good. So once DNS populated, I changed our link on our intranet page to point to the new legacy name (legacy.mydomain.com) so I was free to work with the new DNS name for (mail.mydomain.com).

    I installed 2010, Single server running CAS, Hub and Mailbox. For the OWA settings, I have applied my wildcard cert to the 2010 server. Internally I changed DNS for mail.mydomain.com to the 2010 server, so when I go to mail.mydomain.com/owa I am presented with the login form.

    I set the owa virtual directory for exchange2003url to point to my legacy address: set-OWAVirtualDirectory 2010serverowa -externalurl https://mail.mydomain.com/owa -exchange2003url https://legacy.mydomain.com/exchange

    On the exchange 2003 server, I verified that we are using forms based authentication for the http protocal.

    But when I try to test this internally, I can get to the 2010 login but when I log in with my email username/password (that lives on 2003 still) I get the following error:

    Your request couldn’t be completed because no server with the correct security settings was found to handle the request. If the problem continues, contact your helpdesk.

    I need to make this work internally on the LAN before I can change the DNS for the External for mail.mydomain.com so that I can limit the outage to my users.

    What steps am I missing here?

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