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    Ok here the thing, my friend have a small office and they have 7 users with each of them Outlook 2007 in their PC. They all go get their emails from the same account at the ISP, the reasons is they receive all their communication with costumer in the same mail box. Now the problem is when 2 or 3 go download the same 10,20,40 gb bunch of email. It bug. And the email stops to download. I talk to them to install an Exchange server but they are not to interested when they see the price tag, Before they was using the web access for read their email and it was working fine, but the ISP don’t allow to have picture in the signature, so no logo. I don’t know do you have solution? I know it’s not perfectly clear, please ask me questions if need.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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