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    Well the lengthy title says it all. We had Exchange 2010 running on one server will all 3 roles installed and recently that server stated to act up so we moved exchange onto 2 new servers in a DAG.

    Because the old server (let’s call it oldA) is still being used, i need to move mailboxes to the new servers (let’s call these newB & newC) like a migration until everything is off of the oldA server and then I can decommission it. My external pointer and owa mail.xyzcompnay.com still pointing (for now) to oldA server.

    As i do these mailbox moves (5 so far), i have noticed that outlook is not picking up the new server automatically. Although in the certificate I have included mx2.xyzcompany.com and mx3.xyzcompany.com, along with their host names. I had to perform a repair for them to pick up the new servers.
    Is this because mail.xyzcompany.com is not pointing to the right server or is this something i have to deal with? I read that outlook 2010 & 2007 should automatically pickup new exchange server names?

    In addition, i was thinking of putting in a 3rd server (let’s call this newD) and let it act like a traffic cop. Meaning i point mail.xyzcompany.com to it and it in turn sends requests to the 2 new servers (newB & newC) in DAG? Will that work?

    What is the easiest method and will outlook automatically pickup new exchange servers in their profile (not looking forward to repairing 100 + outlook clients).

    Thanks for patience and your responses.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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