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    This is only happening to one user on my network:
    I can send him a dozen emails, and when he has outlook open not a single one will show up until he opens up a different message, or interacts with Outlook in some way.

    He is not the only person on the network with this type of computer (IBM Thinkpad laptop, 512MB RAM, XP Pro, Office XP), but he is the only one with this problem.
    When someone sends an email to me, and I have outlook open, it automagically shows up in my inbox and puts an envelope in the taskbar.

    Exchange is on an NT server, Service packed up as late as possible.

    Any ideas on how to make new mail immediately show up in his inbox?
    Right now I set a send/receive to happen every minute. This isn’t the best way to fix it though.

    Thanks a lot

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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