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Outlook 2007 AutoCorrect acting strangely

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    I realise this may be such a minor, minor issue, however somewhat annoying really!

    basically, running XP/Outlook 2007/Office 2007, and the AutoCorrect is not functioning correctly.

    when typing text to replace – i.e. an acronym to be replaced by the words, nothing actually happens, the acronym remains in one particular instance.

    thing is, other acronyms are fine, and this particular one has an asterisk by the phrase.

    any thoughts on the meaning of that (as the asterisk was not typed in), and when new ones are added with the asterisk, the asterisk appears as part of the shortcut.

    one thing to note is that the autocorrect options happen to be set to English (U.K.), and yet the regional and language options are set to English (Canada), which is correct, and even in the Office Language settings 2007 options, English (U.K.) is not set as primary, and not even enabled…

    again, more of an annoyance, however any thoughts most appreciated.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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