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    We *had* a novell network, but I have just installed a windows 2008 ad network. Our email has always resided on a hosted exchange server elsewhere.

    I have created our ad domain under ourdomain.com, however our exchange email server is hosted by another company and is also on ourdomain.com (until I can get the budget to bring in-house).

    When our MFP/Scanner scans a document and trys to send to [email protected] it never arrives. However if the MFP sends to a personal external address (hotmail, google, yahoo) it arrives fine. Is the MFP looking for the user on the internal ourdomain.com network rather than pushing the email out to the internet DNS ourdomain.com?

    I could do with some help…!


    EDIT: No matter added our external email hosts FQDN as the MX record on our internal DNS server. Seems to have solved it… :oops:

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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