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    both harddrives have win98
    have win disks but no office 2000 but do have the update pack

    i have been working on downloading drivers for a old dell optiplex g1
    and been having a horrible time making comp. driver versions work in an older harddrive which has office installed…..
    i put my self in this situation because of my missing office 2000 cd…
    it is hard for me to live without it and was wondering if possible to clone drive info(mainly drivers) to my old harddrive with office installed which is not functioning great with the computer….or if someone could tell the right way of going about this situation…. i have complete access with both harddrives and presently using the newer one with good drivers which i would like to place on the older one….
    guess….have made boot disks….have been looking in to xxcopy–program but wanted advise from your trusted site….

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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