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    Can anyone give me any advice on setting up a wireless network for my company. This is not something we currently use for all staff but we have now been told we need to have one in place.

    My current setup is a Netgear RangeMax WPN824 router with a hand full of users connected to it which was set up by someone else. The router gets moved around constantly as the signal strength is rubbish and can’t get through the floor to the other side of the building.

    We would have IPads, iphones, laptops & Blackberries connected to it. The requirements would be:

    As much security as possible
    Need to have a way of locking the access down via MAC address
    The signal needs to be encrypted with at least AES 256Bit (WPA2) or higher

    I have a Lynksys WRT54GL router at home with tomato firmware on there which I have been told can act as a repeater or bridge which should do the trick but I have also been told the file sharing on this setup is problematic.

    I’d rather get something in place which is solid as it’s for business purposes.

    Can anyone suggest any equipment or guides which might help me

    Finally – The crappy Netgear we were using had just died so there is a sense of urgency as the MD uses an Ipad (no erthernet port)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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