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    Hi All,

    I have 2 domain controllers, running a single Domain, they don’t run DNS or DHCP servers, they are relaying on the Linux Servers to do this.

    Both are Windows Server 2003, DC1 has Folder Redirection directories, DC2 has Roaming Profiles.
    The Clients are Windows 7 Enterprise.

    The problem occurs when logging into Windows 7 Desktop, which takes 172 seconds, according to the Winlogon Notification Service in the Event Log.

    I have enabled UserEnvDebugLevel to 30002.

    And when I login to my test account to the domain,
    I do receive the following lines:

    08/16 15:12:36 [CRITICAL] DOMAIN: NlTimeoutApiClientSession: Start RpcCancelThread on \
    08/16 15:12:36 [MISC] Eventlog: 5783 (1) “\” “DOMAIN” “CLIENT”
    08/16 15:12:36 [MISC] Didn’t log event since it was already logged.
    08/16 15:12:36 [CRITICAL] DOMAIN: NlTimeoutApiClientSession: Finish RpcCancelThread on \ 0
    08/16 15:13:16 [CRITICAL] DOMAIN: NlFinishApiClientSession: timeout call to \ Count: 2
    08/16 15:13:16 [CRITICAL] DOMAIN: NlFinishApiClientSession: dropping the session to \

    see attachment

    Many thanks if you can help me out what the cause of the issue is…. brrrrrrr

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