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Need add more space to an existing VM

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    Hey Jason and James,

    I’m running WinXP Pro in VMWare Workstation 6. It’s currently 2GB and I’m slowly running out of space. I just want to make sure I’m correct in saying the following:

    1. I would need to delete all previous snapshots of the machine (I don’t know what it means to commit a snapshot).

    2. I would need to run the command “vmware-vdiskmanager -x 5GB whatever.vmdk”, but from where do I run this command? A command prompt in the Program FilesVMWare directory?

    3. I would not be able to expand the c: drive (which is the only one I have now) since it’s the boot drive, so I would have to create a new partition?

    Is all the above correct? I remember reading once before that it’s much more complicated than simply runnning a command line. I remember something about ghosting the machine and then creating a new bigger one and throwing the image on there.

    Please advise. Thanks

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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