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Need a couple of things clarified about Autodiscover

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  • Jay Cartay

    I’ve had a fun morning today, looking at an issue with a user whose laptop would not download the OAB during a send/receive.

    The client is Outlook 2007 and the Server is Exchange 2010.

    It basically took a lot of messing about, exporting and installing their root CA certificate (they use self signed ONLY) and then having to add stuff to the hosts file on the laptop. It’s not the best setup at all.

    They use https://remote.domain.co.uk/owa for OWA and their internal domain has a completely different name.

    Looking in the DNS settings, they have a forward lookup for the domain, and then there’s a forward lookup for remote.domain.co.uk itself in there! They have had the OWA and other stuff setup with the same address for both internal and external access. Am I correct in thinking that this on its own is very bad practise and will cause issues?

    I was going to add them an entry to the DNS for autodiscover.domain.co.uk but now can’t because I’d have to add a lookup for the external domain itself, without the remote part on it.

    A question I have as a result of looking into all this is:
    When configuring Autodiscover, if the AutoDiscoverServiceInternalUri shows https://remote.domain.co.uk/Autodiscover/Autodiscover.xml, then will pointing things (internally) at autodiscover.domain.co.uk (i.e. in the hosts file, with the server IP associated to it) still perform autodiscover functions?

    And since their self signed certificate doesn’t have autodiscover.domain.co.uk as a SAN, can I create a standalone certificate for it?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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