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    I’m using BESR software to move production servers to my Hyper-V servers. I create a backup of the OS drive then I covert the drive to a VHD file. One draw back is a lot of my production server OS drives only had a small OS partition, I want to increase the size of the OS partition but I know of no way that allows this once the VM is created.

    I was thinking about using BESR disk to disk copy but haven’t tried it just yet, I’m in the middle of getting everything setup. So what I’m looking at is doing a VM to VM disk copy..

    Anyone have any suggestion on how I can increase the OS disk VHD. I know you can use Hyper-V to add size and if it’s a data VHD I can use the diskpart util but that doesn’t work on the OS partition.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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