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    I have just looked at my cousins desktop system. It apparently wouldn’t turn on one morning this week.

    I used my trusted PSU tester which says the PSU is fine under load – it fires the PSU up and powers all the case fans fine.
    I also checked for continuity with my fluke meter across the power switch (i did have a broken wire catch me out once!) and it is fine.

    Won’t POST – no beeps or sign off life. Looks like the mobo (Probably) has gone down, but he doesn’t mind purchasing a better spec CPU/Mobo combo while we are going to the trouble of replacing it. Have tried removing all devices and replaced graphics/ memory with working parts but nothing.

    My main worry here chaps is the data. He swopped his mountain bike for this unit(!) and has no XP disc with it. I can only assume it is legit, because the updates still run properly.

    I have explained he is looking at the following;

    Personal edition of XP Pro (about £150)
    CPU/Motherboard bundle ( about £100)

    which is he is happy with.

    Should I plug his IDE drives in to my machine and get all his data off it before swopping the mobo and CPU over. I know XP will want to ping the clearing house due to the hardware change (which it will probably will be OK) but what if it doesn’t? He will have his purchased version of XP, but it might have made a mess of the original install.

    Thanks for reading!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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